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TRAILABLE STANDS:  1002RG – 1003ARS – 1003 ARS Flood Guard


The National Trailable switch stand is a widely used improvement which contributed to the convenience , switching speed and cost reduction of switch yard operation.

It permits trailing movement without slowing or stopping the train for the hand operation of switch stands. It eliminates damage caused by running through a switch stand and the necessity of tying up a yard track when a stand had been run through and put out of service.



Angles and longer handle is designed to reduce back compression and helps to prevent back injuries.

The National Trailable switch stand helps to solve the problem of switch points that remain only partially thrown. As the first pair of wheels forces the switch points beyond the half-thrown position, the two double coil springs inside the stand snap the switch points completely over. If a train makes a partial trailing into the crotch of the switch opening the switch points less than half way, then backing out the coil springs return the switch points to their original position.

Whenever the switch is thrown, the target or light revolves to the new indication, and the switch points remain in the new position until the next switch operation, automatic or by hand. Position of the hand lever remains unchanged regardless of the number of times the stand is automatically operated.


All operating parts are designed and manufactured for a long service life.


Stand is designed for utmost simplicity with few moving parts. Parts may be renewed without removing stand from the track. Operating mechanism is completely enclosed for protection against dirt, snow and ice: the design prevents accumulation of foreign matter in the housing.

When a switch is set in the wrong position for a trailing movement of a train or car, the wheels will force the switch to the proper position allowing train or car to proceed over switch without damage to switch stand or rolling stock.

In the automatic operation, target revolves to correctly indicate position of switch points, but there is no corresponding movement of lever.


When a switch is set in the wrong position for a facing point movement, stand can be manually operated to move switch points to correct position by throwing lever 180°; target will revolve to correctly indicated position of switch points.

Model 1003 ARS 

Back Saver Run Through Automatic Switchstand adjustable

Ergonomically sound with angled and longer switch stand handle which is designed to reduce back compression and to prevent back injuries.